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Saturday, March 17, 2012

How-To Books Going FAST and Hawaiian Cruise Update #2

Black sand beach in Hilo, Hawaii
Before I give you this installment of our trip update (this is a very photo heavy post), I wanted to let you know that the Close To My Heart How-To Books that are available only while supplies last are going FAST!  The Reflections book is already sold out and Originals is available in VERY limited quantities. The rest are flying off the shelves as well.  Check out this post for more details on these wonderful books.

For Your Convenience, here are the order numbers (or click on the links to go straight to that item and add it to your shopping cart):
Scrapbooking How-To Books:
Magic (9034)
Imagine (9030)
Cherish (9029)
Reflections: No longer available

Card Making How-To Books:
Wishes (9033)
Originals (9032)

Now onto update #2 on Dawson and my Hawaiian Cruise (courtesy of Close To My Heart).  You can see update #1 here.

Day #3 (Tuesday, March 6, 2012): Hilo, Hawaii
We woke up on Tuesday to find ourselves docked at the beautiful island of Hawaii. We spent the day in Hilo doing a million things (okay, maybe not a million, but a lot!)
  • visiting a black sand beach
  • visiting some beautiful Japanese Gardens (Liliuokalani Gardens)
  • visiting and taking a short hike up by some beautiful falls (Rainbow Falls)
  • visiting the volcano (Mt. Kialuea) 
  • visiting and walking through the lava tubes
  • visiting "The Big Island Candies" (and of course buying lots of yummy treats
Dawson and I loved every minute of this day!

Here we are on the bus, headed out for our big day in Hilo, Hawaii:

Photos from the Japanese Gardens (Liliuokalani Gardens):


Photos at the black sand beach:


 Photos from Rainbow Falls and our walk up:
Rainbow Falls
Dawson on the very nice paved path to the top of Rainbow Falls
River at the bottom of the falls

Photos from Volcano National Park (Mt. Kilauea):

Photos from the Lava Tubes:

entering the tube
Inside the tube
Day #4 (Wednesday, March 7, 2012): Kona, Hawaii

While we slept during the night, our magical ship transported us to the other side of the island of Hawaii, to Kona.  It was beautiful there. Dawson and I spent the day lazing around by the pool and the beach.  It was a great day to recharge and get ready for the next day.  Stay tuned for that.  We were on Kauai and it was by far the most adventurous and most fun day of our trip. Dawson and I both agreed on that.
Beautiful beach on Kona:

It is so much fun for me to relive last week as I share it with you.  I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


Brenda said...

What a wonderful trip, and I am enjoying each and every photo! Dawson looks like he had a great time (so special to have that time with you), and you- Miss Karen - are just beautiful!

Laurel said...

Looks like you had a fabulous trip! I love all the photos!

Kate W. said...

I have to agree that Kauai is the best! :) Can't wait to hear about your day there. Love the photos of you and Dawson -- how precious to get to spend time with your "baby!" BTW -- just noticing that Daci looks a LOT like you!

Nicole Norris said...

What a fun trip. I have sure enjoyed reading about it and I think it is great that you were able to take Dawson.


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