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Monday, January 24, 2011

Paper Topiary and MORE!

Saturday was a crazy but FUN day at the Pedersen home. I had a team meeting with my Close To My Heart team (thanks to the 15 ladies who attended!) and then Dawson went to Lone Peak's Preference dance.

The first photo you see today is of a 'show and tell' that Trish Morton made and brought to Team Meeting. It is a GORGEOUS topiary she made by misting 2" squares of tulip cardstock, wadding them up, letting them dry, sponging cranberry ink over the top for some depth, and then gluing them to a styrofoam form. Clever! Thanks for sharing, Trish!

Here are a few more photos of team meeting. We made a fun banner (inspired by Lisa Stenz) that I will be offering as a workshop to my customers in March. Be watching for photos and advertising for that here on my blog in February.

Everyone creating away making their darling banners:

Yvonne and Trisha (the topiary creator!):------------------

Lynette and Sarah:----------------

More fun creating:

After Team Meeting, it was time to get my 'little' 16 year old ready for his date to the Lone Peak Preference Dance. His friend, Shanae asked him over a month ago. They had such a great time. All of the cheerleaders (Sophomores, JV and Varsity) rented a bus and all went in one group with their dates to dinner and the dance. Dawson had a blast! The night before, they rented out a local roller skating rink for 'disco skating'. Dawson had a sprained ankle so he used a scooter instead. I'm still trying to find photos from that because he looked hilarious! He didn't really have anything 'disco-ish' so Shanae lent him a pink tank top (about 3 sizes too small), he rolled up his jeans to his knees, and wore striped socks. Disco? No! Silly? YES!

Daws the Boss:

Shanae, Dawson, Talon and Taylor:

The group. Dawson and Shanae are in the far left corner:


Rick and Kori said...

I love the topiary thing! SO COOL! I think I want to make one for Daci's room in pink :) Dawson looked great for Preference! Can't wait to see the scooter pics :)

Brenda said...

Oh, look at that topiary! What a beautiful thing!

Nicole Norris said...

Wat a fun day. I wish I could have been there. Do you want to move a little closer?

Laurel said...

Oh such fun pictures!

Cheryl Nelson said...

Gorgeous topiary! TFS! Love the fun pics!

Tina Sutton- Missgingerdots said...

So wish I was on your team. Looks like a fun, fun, day!

Trisha Morton said...

Thanks ladies on the kudos for the topiary! It was a lot of fun and turned out pretty cute - despite my best intentions! Lol!
Thanks for the tag, Karen!


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