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Friday, December 21, 2012

April Showers Card and December Specials with Close To My Heart

Card made with the December Stamp of the Month
Happy Friday!  I'm so excited that today is the day that my daughter and her family arrive from Chicago to spend the Christmas holidays with us.  With the huge storm in the midwest, we are so grateful that their flight wasn't cancelled. They are on their way across the country now.  It is so hard to have them so far away. I am counting the minutes until we head to the airport to pick them up! Easton, Daysha and Tannon all arrived last weekend, so that means we will ALL be together for the holidays. I think Dawson is extra excited to have someone other than Dan and I to hang out with. :)

I wanted to remind you of the wonderful specials that you can take advantage of this month:
1.  Whooo's Your Valentine
2.  December Stamp of the Month
3.  FREE gift!

1.  Whooo's Your Valentine:   You may or may not know that January is National Papercrafting Month.  Since we at Close To My Heart love to party, we are celebrating a bit early. Our National Papercrafting Month Special ("Whooo's Your Valentine") began on December 13 (yesterday) and runs through January 31.  Yippee! 

Spend $35 (either on my website or by contacting me: 801.360.9896, and get the exclusive "Whoo's Your Valentine" treat tube kit for only $10 (valued at $40)!

The kit includes:

  • 12 die-cut boxes
  • 3 cardstock sheets
  • 1 sheet of silver glitter paper (so pretty!)
  • 12 treat tubes
  • An exclusive D-size stamp set created specifically for the kit!  (see below)

    Whooo's Your Valentine Exclusive Stamp Set (carrier sheet actual size is 6" x 6")
These little goodies are perfect for gifts and classroom projects. The "Whooo’s Your Valentine" kit will make Valentine’s Day a cinch! If ordering on my website, you will get a prompt at the end of your order to add it. Easy Peasy!

2.  December Stamp of the Month:  I know I have already shared a few things about this special, but the coolest part of all is that if you spend $50, you qualify for the December Stamp of the Month at $5 ($17.95 value) AND it will also qualify you for the "Whooo's Your Valentine" kit for only $10. That means you would spend $65 ($50 order + $5 Stamp of the Month + $10 "Whooo's Your Valentine" kit + a FREE gift (see #3 below) if you order on my website) and have $112.90 in merchandise. That's about a 58% savings.  Nifty!  The December Stamp of the Month is a great set!  Today I thought I'd share an April Showers card I made with it.

December Stamp of the Month: carrier sheet actual size is 6" x 6"

3.  FREE Gift:  As a reminder, if you spend $50 or more on my website this month, you get this awesome glue pen absolutely FREE ($4.95 value)!  So, my advice to you is to take advantage of all 3 of these specials on my website and you get the advantages of all of them.  Using my website is the key because this FREE glue pen only comes with website orders. 



Nancy Ball said...

Sweet card, Karen.
I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family!

Laurel said...

Lovely card and so happy for you that your family is coming home for the holidays!

Christine Adams said...

Karen - you did such a wonderful job on all of your cards with this stamp set! Thanks for always being such a steady stream of inspiration!
~ xxoo


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