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Friday, September 9, 2016

One Card Colored Three Ways

The September National Stamping Month Special: Create Kindness is full of goodness! You can make 24 - 3" x 3" cards, 6 each of different colors and designs, including envelopes. It also comes with 8 different stamp sets to choose from, as well as a mini-stamp pad, an acrylic block and a great storage box.  It's only $46.95 (about $10 off retail price if you were to price each of the items out separately).

Here is a collage of the 8 stamp sets that come in the set:

Today, I decided to show you some of the raspberry cards using the Hello stamp set. I colored each of these cards with a different medium. The far left is with watercolor pencil (but I didn't use water, just colored them as if they were regular colored pencils), the middle is with our Shin Han alcohol markers, and the third I painted with our soft and beautiful watercolor paints. I have included a list of the products I used at the very end of this post, complete with photos and links for your convenience.

Let's talk about each color medium and a few tips on each....

1.  Watercolor Pencils:

This is one of my very favorite choices to color with. Whether I'm using them with water or without, they are smooth and beautiful, and fast.  One tip I would give you is never to color with the sharp tip. Instead, scribble for just a second on a scrap piece of paper to create a flat angle on your tip and then use that flat spot to color with. You will have so much better luck with blending and not seeing any pencil lines.

2.  Shin Han Alcohol Markers:

I love alcohol markers. They blend so beautifully!  On this card I have only used 4 colors:  Tender Pink, Cherry Pink, Pastel Green and Leaf Green.  Here are  a few tips to get great blending:
  • Color the area you want with your lighter color
  • While that is still wet, go back and highlight with your darker color
  • While that is still wet, go back over the entire area with your lighter color
3.  Watercolor Paints:

This past year watercolor painting in papercrafting has made a huge comeback.  I have had so much fun with this medium.  It's okay to go out of the lines a bit and get a little messy.  That's the look that's so "in". My card is an example of going a little bit out of the lines and still looking nice (if you don't think so, you are more than welcome to stay in the lines on yours. ;)  ).

My tip for watercolor is "less is more". It tends to dry darker than it looks when you put it on wet. You can always add more color but it's a tad bit harder to take it away.

To get this month's Create Kindness National Stamping Month Kit, click here.


Laurel said...

Cute cards Karen :)

Margot D said...

Such great info on the coloring options and easy tips for each!


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