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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Southern Utah University Spring Football Game

Dan and I, and my mom and dad all drove down for the game.  Our niece, Tiana joined us too.  Tannon's wife, Brookley is missing from the photo. She had to work. Darn! 

We take a break from our regularly artistic content to share some photos I'm really excited to get busy scrapping. Don't worry! I'll share them when I get it done.

April 15 was the Southern Utah University Spring Football Game.  If you haven't been following my blog for long, you might not know that SUU football is a Pedersen tradition. My hubby was scholarshipped to play football back in the mid-80's at SUU. Since then, all 3 of our boys have followed in his footsteps.  People tell me all the time how amazing it is that all of our boys have been talented enough to play college football. I think it's not so amazing when football is life in your home. 😂 Our oldest son, Easton finished his career at SUU a few years ago at number 7 on the all-time receiving list.  No too shabby. I miss watching him play!  Tannon and Dawson have continued the legacy.  Proud mom? Yep!

Dawson and Paige. This was Paige's first time as a football wife. She said to me, "If I get this nervous in a Spring Game, I can't even imagine what I'm going to be like in the regular season!"  I told her to trust me. I've felt her pain for decades as a football wife then football momma!

Tannon plays safety.  He came to SUU as a QB, and spent his first several years playing QB. Last year he severely injured his arm, and his throwing motion was pretty much destroyed. The defensive coordinator asked him to move to safety. We really thought his time on the collegiate football field was over.  I mean, he hadn't played defense since 6th grade. How could he possibly play defense on a collegiate level?  True to Tannon form, he worked hard, learned the position, and his athleticism kicked in. He got a lot of playing time at safety last year and we expect the same again this fall (his senior season). Dawson will be a red shirt freshman this year, playing tight end.  He really wanted to shine in Spring football and make a mark heading into Fall. I think he succeeded!

Both of my 'little boys" played great.  And, when you have one kid playing offense and the other playing defense, it's inevitable they will battle it out in the Spring Game.

Tannon and Dawson: brother against brother

Here are a few other great shots.  I love the team photographer, Anita! She always gets such great shots of my boys.


Dawson after one of his 4 catches on the day

In the Pedersen house, football time is family time.  I wish all of our family could have joined us for the Spring Game, but we look forward to an upcoming Fall, full of football, fun and all of the family cheering these two on!

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