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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Only 9 More Days and Karen's Picks!

Stampaganza (buy 2 stamp sets get one free) will be gone before you know it (November 30 is the last day!). Close To My Heart doesn't offer this special very often (once a year at the MOST) so NOW is the time to take advantage of it! For more details click here. To shop on my website, click here.

I thought today I would share some of my all-time favorite stamp sets in a few categories (the ones I tend to use most) with you and why I like them. Maybe this will help you decide what it is you would use the most as well. If you click on any of the stamp sets I've listed here, it will take you to my website where you can see a picture of the actual set and order it if you'd like.

Also, if you are looking for a set in a particular area that I haven't listed here (birthday, baby, wedding, etc.) and would like a recommendation, I would be more than happy to share my favorites and why with you. Just email me at

1/2" - 1" size letters:
*Hodge Podge Alphabet (D1301), set of 109 - $22.95
*Delightful Alphabet (DD1221) set of 71 - $22.95
I love both of these first two sets because there are a variety of fonts a several of each letter in them. They are GREAT for names or short captions on scrapbook pages and perfect for sentiments in cards.

1" letters:
*Extreme Caps (D1250) - set of 40 (letters and numbers) - $22.95
These letters and numbers are fun and funky. Perfect for boy or sport pages, x-game type pages.

approx. 2" letters:
*Rustic Alphabet (E1002) - set of 26 - $34.95
*Building Block Alphabet (E1009) - set of 27 (includes an "&") - $34.95
These alphabets are versatile, work for just about anything (oh yeah, that's what versatile means0 and are perfect for page titles.

*Thank You (D1361) - set of 19 - $22.95
If you send out TONS of thank you cards like I do, this is the set for you. This is definitely one of my most used sets.
*For Every Occasion (D1187) - set of 28 - $22.95
It doesn't get any better than this! Thsi set has just about every sentiment you could ever need for any occasion, all in one set!
*Gracious Greetings (D1265) - set of 11 - $22.95
I love how elegant this set is. And, it also covers just about any occasion you would need.


*Holiday Trinkets (D1366), set of 14, $22.95
This is no doubt my favorite holiday set this year. I have used it, and used it, and used it, and then used it some more.
*New Fallen Snow (D1171) - set of 11 - $22.95
This set is full of GORGEOUS snowflakes. It's not just for Christmas!
*Evergreen (D1315), set of 13, $22.95
This one is full of fun trees with different patterns inside. I used this set for most of my Christmas cards last year and loved them!
*Just For The Holidays (D1380), set of 17, $22.95
PERFECT for gift tags

*Beware (D1381) - set of 8, $22.95
I loved this one for Halloween this year.
*Flourished Blessings (D1379) - set of 10, $22.95
If ever there was a gorgeous and elegant leaf set, this is it!

Background Stamps:
*Argyle Backgrounds (D1325) - set of 4 - $22.95
by far my most used background set
*Spot on Bakcgrounds (D1280) - set of 4 - $22.95
my 2nd most favorite for backgrounds

*Cottage Floral (B1306) - set 0f 10, $13.95
for a set this inexpensive, these flowers go a long way!
*Endless Friendship (D1354) - set of 15, $22.95
so versatile. I have used it make an elegant wedding or sympathy card, and also to make a fun birthday card.

Click here to order from my website 24/7...especially during Stampaganza (9 more days!).


Rhett and Tiffanie Jackson said...

My new favorite stamp set is the Many Thanks...for many reasons...i LOVE leaves and acorns!!! because I love fall...but I also turned the Acorn bottoms into "GUM DROPS!!" check out my "Magic" page on my blog...just posted it to night!!! So excited! :) glad that paper, glue, glitter...stamps make me SMILE! :)

Amy said...

Karen, I LOVED reading that questionare that Tannon did, so fun to see what his answers were. And yes I miss you girl, can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks. When did I sign up again??


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