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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Day with Daci

I'm excited that my little granddaughter, Daci will be here any minute. Her mommy and daddy are in Chicago this week looking for housing for when they move (which I refuse to think about) so I get to play with Daci all day today and tomorrow.

I love this little photo. Last week the boys were playing keep away out in the yard with Daci. She was not happy that she couldn't get her hands on that football. When she did finally get it she was not about to give it up.

By the way, if you are a Facebooker, I have taken the plunge. I'd love to have you be my 'friend.' I am registered on Facebook as Karen Overstreet Pedersen.


Rhett and Tiffanie Jackson said...

lol...totally love the little scowl in her eyebrows!!! she is seriously saying "back of bub!!!"....cuteness!!!

Joyce said...

Have a wonderful couple of days with Daci all to yourself!

Hope the kids find something great in Chicago, and remember, my door is always open.

stamping hugs,

Cheryl Nelson said...

She is just the cutest EVER! What is it with these kids that they think they can move these little grandbabies away from grandma!!

Jamie Harder said...

She is the sweetest! congrats for taking the plunge...hee hee...I'll look for you on facebook:-)

Rick and Kori said...

Oh my goodness I am looking at this photo of my sweet baby in my hotel room and it brought tears to my eyes. I miss her! She is so stinking cute! Thanks so much for watching her. Love ya!


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