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Friday, February 11, 2011

Deviled Eggs

I promised 3 recipes this week, and
this is #3. My family LOVES deviled eggs, and they especially love them while watching the Super Bowl. So, along with the other 'feast items' Kori and I made last Sunday, we made sure to make a double batch of my family's favorite deviled eggs. The recipe I use started out as the recipe from the famous Salt Lake "Lion House" but I have adapted it a little bit here and there over the years until it has come out 'just right' for the Pedersen taste.

We like ours with a little kick, so you'll notice we use a little miracle whip in with the mayo, and there is also a little bit of tabasco in there too.

Deviled Eggs - Karen Pedersen
Makes 12
(I usually double the batch so that we have 24!)

6 hard cooked eggs
1/8 C. mayo
1/8 C. miracle whip
1 tea. white vinegar
1 tea. prepared mustard
1/8 tea. salt
Dash white pepper (you can use regular ground black pepper, the white just keeps your filling from having little black specs in it)
1/8 tea. worchestershire sauce
a couple of drops of tabasco sauce

Peel eggs and cut in half lengthwise. Slip out yolks and mash with fork in small mixing bowl. Add remaining ingredients (except paprika) to yolks and mix until well blended (no lumps!). Either spoon or use a food decorator to squeeze mixture into egg white halves (I like my food decorator!). Sprinkle with paprika.

Just for fun, I thought I'd share a few more photos from our Super Bowl Party last Sunday. When the kids were little, we invited lots of friends, but as they got older we really just started enjoyed having mostly just our family. This year we added a few extras, but it was mostly just us.

Dan and Daci decided to just park themselves at the buffet and pig out. Notice Daci is not wearing a shirt.
When Grandpa Dan is in charge, that is the solution to not being able to find a bib:

Dawson just chilled on the couch after stuffing his face. Notice that no matter how 'chilled' he gets, the phone is always close at hand. Essentials, essentials!:---------------

Kori and her cake masterpiece:

Easton even got into the frosting act with Kori. Of course an apron was needed:---------------

Daci insisted that Bear needed to watch the game too. Grandma was happy to oblige:------------------

The newlyweds in their newlywedded bliss:

We missed Tannon on his mission and Rick who had not yet arrived from Chicago at our party. After the game, Kori and Daysha decided that Daci needed her fingernails and toenails painted for the first time. Girl Power!


Melanie said...

YUMMY -- Wes & Zach LOVE deviled eggs...they're usually fighting over them!!

LOVE the pics...

Rick and Kori said...

I love our superbowl parties! I'm so glad I got to be here for it :)

Susann said...

Ahhh Family! Does it get any better?

Brenda said...

Ditto to Susann's comment! Family is the best!

Laurel said...

You always have the best family pictures!


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