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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Studio J Layouts and Special

Don't forget! There is still just under one week left (ends Feb. 28 at midnight) in the "A Perfect 10" special in which for every 9 Studio J layouts purchased by members, the 10th is FREE! I built and purchased 2o myself (well, to be specific, I purchased 18 and got 2 FREE!) already this month. LOVE that Studio J! On top of that, as always as a Studio J member, you get one shipment of between 4 and 20 layouts (layout = 2 pages) per month with FREE SHIPPING and page protectors. So, when you combine the free shipment, free page protectors and the FREE LAYOUTS, you TOTALLY WIN this month!

Please call or email me if you have any questions (801.360.9896, I'd love to help any way that I can.

If you are not already a Studio J member, it's certainly not too late to join the FUN! To become a member and/or to take advantage of the "A Perfect 10" special, just head to my website (, click on "Studio J", and get busy! You'll LOVE it!

Here you'll see two of the 20 layouts I just created and purchased. Just for fun, I timed myself creating each 2-page layout and then averaged them out for the 20. I averaged less than 25 minutes per 2-page layout. WOWZA! Feel free to click on either of the photos to see it larger and in more detail.

In case you are wondering... NO! I am not replacing my traditional scrapping with Studio J. I feel they go hand in hand! I am LOVING scrapping Tannon's mission on Studio J and am also finishing up Easton's mission. I love that when I've got LOTS to scrap, I can do a few layouts traditionally and a few with Studio J, and get done much faster, and love them both equally! I also LOVE Studio J for big themed albums (like my boys' missions or family vacations).

Have a GREAT day! I hope Studio J is a part of it!


Laurel said...

What fun layouts!

Cheryl Nelson said...

WOW!! You never cease to AMAZE!! Fantabulous los!!!

Lynette said...

You are cracking me with that bowling ball.


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