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Monday, June 23, 2014

Convention, Here I Come!

I am headed out today for the annual Close To My Heart Convention! This year it's in Anaheim, CA (DISNEYLAND!).  Yipeee!  You won't be hearing from me for at least a week, so don't think I have dropped off the face of the earth...instead I am at the happiest place on earth. Combine Disney and CTMH and it's off the charts, people! This year's Convention theme is "The Artistic Adventure" and I'm seriously ready for an adventure!  Eeeeeeek! I'm so excited!  (Note: This post may have just set the record for the most exclamation points in one paragraph).

Here are a few pics from last year's Convention:
The 3 Amigos with the 3 Amigos

It's become tradition that I take this same photo every year with these 3 peeps with our brand new catalogs.  I'll be sure to post this year's when I get home.

It's nice to be a Director...Senior Executive Director at that. I am pretty proud of what I have achieved with CTMH!

With my Minnie lovin' pals

On stage last year in a general session skit

I'll tell you all about this year's party when I get back!  Don't forget to check out this post for all of the June specials while I'm gone.

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Casandra Bennett said...

Have a good time, and safe travels!


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