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Monday, June 9, 2014

I'm Back...and a "You're the Bomb" Card

4 1/4 x 5 1/2 Card

Hello, everyone! I'm back! I survived 5 days of camping with 20 girls (aged 12-18). I did it!  I have blisters, am peeling, and am so happy to sleeping in my own little beddie bye...but I MADE IT.  Did I mention I survived?

I will share a few photos to prove I camped in a moment, but I thought we'd start with a Stamp of the Month card.  This month's Stamp of the Month (Kaboom) is only $5 ($17.95 value) with a $50 order.  You'll be prompted to add it before you check out when ordering on my website. Also, before you head over to order, be sure to check out the awesome "Celebrate 30" Special that is also happening this month.

Here are a couple of pics from my week:
The real make up and trying to smile in spite of it. *wink*

Oh yes we did. The leaders did a skit to "I Wanna Be Like You" from Jungle Book. Yes, we did wear coconut bras and grass skirts.  Yes, I did lose my mind for a moment when I chose to post this photo.

My mind is still lost.

We hiked up and down mountains. It felt like mostly up.

We paddle boated

We canoed

Day 4. I'm still smiling

More of my goofy paddle boat girls

At the lake

Minnie Moose decide to visit the lake with us. She was very nice and didn't charge us.  Oh good.

Minnie Moose was even nice to stop and let us take her photo.

The view from our campsite.  Not too shabby.  God is great!

We ziplined.

Some of us were braver than others
Although I complain about camping (yes, I prefer the Marriott), I had a GREAT week with my girls. We all enjoyed roughing it together, grew closer to our Father in Heaven through the experience, and bonded as a group.  Next year, we'll do it all again!


Laurel said...

Love that card, that firework stamp is so fun! Great photos too!

TINA said...

I "get" to go camping with 18 girls in July! It looks like you guys had a blast... Any pointers for a newbie? ;) where did you go? It looks beautiful! Kudos for you smiling all the way through!

Jennifer Lepard said...

How did u do red and blue

Karen Pedersen said...

Jennifer, I just stamped them in Cranberry and Indian Corn Blue inks then added a little glitter on top. Easy, peasy!


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