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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Planners and Stamp Pads and MORE!

Have I got some GOOD STUFF for you!  There are SEVERAL new products that just became available.  Let's talk about 'em!

1.  2017 Planners and Pages
2.  NEW Style Ink Pads
3.  NEW Thin Cuts to Coordinate with Stamp Sets in our Annual Inspirations Idea Book

1.  2017 Planners and Pages: They're HERE...and available while supplies last:  The Everyday Life™ 2017 Planner Pages are HERE!!! The month dividers of this planner feature beautiful, intricate coloring-page style designs that are carried through in smaller details on the following pages. These planner pages also include a plastic zipper pouch for storing your markers, coloring pencils, pen, and other writing and decorating instruments. 


These pages will be available for purchase, while supplies last, in three different ways:

  • bundled together with the Everyday Life Album—Stripes (CC1178, $31.90)
  • bundled together with the Everyday Life™ Album—Seaglass (CC1177, $31.90)
  • buy only the planner pages themselves (CC2017, $16.95)
Get your TODAY right here.

2.  NEW Style Ink Pads:  These new ink pads (sleek design with a magnetic closure) were introduced in our 2016-2017 Annual Inspirations Idea Book in August, but only select colors have been available. They are now available in ALL of our colors. WOO HOO!  Order yours here.

3.  NEW Thin Cuts to Coordinate with Stamp Sets in our Annual Inspirations Idea Book:

We’re thrilled to introduce four new sets of thin cuts that coordinate with selected stamp sets in our Annual Inspirations idea book. These new thin cuts dies pair with some adorable Annual Inspirations stamp sets, giving you thin cuts to coordinate with stamp sets you may have already bought, or plan to buy soon. These new thin cuts sets will remain available while supplies last for the duration of the Annual Inspirations idea book.

Here are the new thin cuts (these do not come in a bundle with the stamp set it coordinates with. You buy the stamp set and thin cuts separately on these):

A.  CC1155—Swirly Seashells Thin Cuts ($18.95, coordinates with C1664 Swirly Seashells stamp set):  

Swirly Seashells Stamp Set
Swirly Seashells Thin Cuts

B.  CC1156—Sweet Birthday Thin Cuts ($9.95, coordinates with B1532 Sweet Birthday stamp set)

Sweet Birthday Stamp Set
Sweet Birthday Thin Cuts

C.  CC1157—Wreath Thin Cuts ($10.95, coordinates with A1193 Wreath stamp set)

Wreath Stamp Set

Wreath Thin Cut

D. CC1158—School Kids Thin Cuts ($15.95, coordinates with D1706 School Kids stamp set

School Kids Stamp Set
School Kids Thin Cuts

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