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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Halloween Interactive Layout (Hooligans)

It's Magic! It really is! This 2-page 12" x 12" layout actually folds out and totals the photo and journaling space of 5 pages. For realzies! Keep reading to see how it works and to see photos of the pages as my story 'unfolds'. Stay with me 'cause I've got lots of 'splainin' to do, Lucy! That means you must actually read the words, not just look at the pictures. lol.

It's important that you know two things first:
  1. Close To My Heart has come out with yet another in their series of the best how-to books in the card-making and scrapbooking industry. This one is called Magic and is full of beautiful patterns, cutting guides, AND instructions for interactive pages. This layout was inspired by that book. It's a must have, so head to my website and order yours right away. The order number is 9034.
  2. Close To My Heart NEVER leaves you without the supplies you need to re-create something they have dreamed up. So, in the spirit of Magic and interactive pages, they have come out with something they call Memory Protector Flip Flaps (12" x 12" assortment). They allow you to make fold out flaps and pages like the one you see here. If you come to Play Group in October, you'll get a package of these in your Basic Kit.
Now that you have the basics down, here are more photos so you can see the Magic in this layout. Let's start with the left side of the layout. In the photo below, you actually see the left side of the layout that I showed above. "Really?" you ask. "It doesn't look AT ALL the same."

"Aaaaaahhhhh," I say. "That's the Magic." This layout has two flaps, a 12" x 4" flap on the top and a 12" x 8" flap on the bottom. This photo shows them both open. If I were to close the flaps, you would see the left page that I have shown you above in the 2-page layout photograph. This page actually has the space of 3 pages.
Next I will show you the Magic in the right side of the layout. Again, look at the top photo in this post. That is the page all closed up. This page actually has a 6" x 12" flap on the side of it. The photo below shows it open. This page has the actual photo and journaling space of two pages. Magic!Now that you understand it all, I will leave you with this thought: "THINK ABOUT IT! Who wouldn't love to make this cute interactive Halloween Layout? I will share the information TOMORROW on how you can by either coming to one of my Play Group classes in October, or even by doing the class long-distance."


Rick and Kori said...

LOVE this layout! Can't wait to start working on mine!!

Melissa Laverty said...

completely awesome layout. arent those flip flaps incredible! great pics, too!

Brenda said...

I am lovin' that Magic book! It is so detailed with so many templates. I love that! Soon you'll see me post something from it. Oh, I almost forgot to say that I love your layout!!

Laurel said...

Wow, what a fantastic creation!!! Love this!


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