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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Paper Roses to Die For (Tutorial)

Have you ever seen a more beautiful card? I'm telling ya, this girl rocks. It was made by none-other-than the FABULOUS Tracey Mason, and I'm honored to call her friend. She sent me this card for my birthday a couple of weeks ago (along with the most amazing box of gifts you evah did see!). Yesterday, she posted a tutorial on her blog about how to make these paper roses (yes, that makes me think of a song. If it does you too, then you're as old as I am. Ha!). You can see Tracey's tutorial here. I have to admit, I have made a paper rose or two myself, but mine NEVER look like Tracey's. After watching her tutorial yesterday I now know how to make Tracey Roses. You can too.

Thanks for being a world-class friend, Trace! Love ya!


Tracey Mason's Studio said...

You are the nicest person EV-AH! I need to be careful, I could be accused of paying you to write all that nice stuff about me. But seriously, you are just an amazing friend! Thank you so much!

makes a fist!

Rick and Kori said...

Gorgeous card....of course! Tracey is so talented! I loved the tutorial video too!


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