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Monday, August 13, 2012

Beautiful Studio J Digital Layouts

Most of you know that I LOVE Studio J (Close To My Heart's perfect answer to digital scrapbooking).  What you may not know is that my daughter, Kori also loves Studio J.  This is just one of the six layouts she created and ordered this week (keep reading to see the rest!).  I think my very favorite might be the Valentine one.

With 3 children three and under, Kori's life is a whirlwind. She loves the ease of Studio J and that she can pull out her laptop when the kids are napping or after they have gone to bed at night and scrap to her heart's content without making a mess that has to be cleaned up before they awake. She has completed many layouts in less than 20 minutes!

Studio J really is such a quick, easy and beautiful way to scrapbook.  I still love my papers and bling, but I really enjoy doing things on Studio J. There's room in my life for both. 

Here are another few reasons to love Studio J:
  • Although CTMH's wonderful papers are part of Studio J, you can also customize colors and sizes of images to fit your needs.
  • There is no softward download required.  You just go to my website (, click on "products" and then "studio j online scrapbooking" and you're in!  Or, just click right here.  Everything you create is stored right on the website under your account.  
  • When you purchase a layout, CTMH will email you 2 .jpgs of each layout, a low resolution one suitable for posting online (like the layouts you see below and above of Kori's) and a high resolution of each page that you can save and print more copies later.
  • You can easily save what you're working on and come back to finish it later.
  • You don't need a printer that can handle 12" x 12" paper to use Studio J.  You can choose to print things yourself, but the $6.50 two-page layout price included CTMH printing the layouts for you.  In fact, Studio J layouts are processed, not printed, using a silver-halide process considered the highest standard in the photo developing industry.
  • No more memberships required. All layouts and patterns are now available to everyone!
  • Each two-page 12" x 12" printed layout is only $6.95.  That is really not too shabby, especially when you consider that the average traditional scrapbooker spends approximately $9-10 per layout when you count the paper, bling, all other accents, and photo printing costs. What a bargain Studio J is!
  • Close To My Heart now offers, in addition to what we already had in Studio J, Express Collections. In Express Collections layouts, most of the creation is done for you; all you need to do is drop in your photos, add your journaling, and order your layouts! Express Collections are ordered the same way as custom-created layouts, can be combined with layouts from other collections or created via the custom path, and cost the same as the custom layouts.

Enjoy Kori's layouts...and feel free to oooh and aaaah over my grandkiddos! You can click on any image to see it larger and in more detail.


cnelson said...

Kori's los are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! LOVE them!

Kim said...

Love these!


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