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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Today is the Day!

Tannon, age 19...just before he left for his mission
Today is the day!  After 2 years serving a mission for our church in Malaga, Spain, our son, Tannon Dane Pedersen is returning.  We have missed him so much but are so proud of him and the choice he made to serve the Lord and put aside everything else in his life for 2 years.  I can hardly wait to wrap my arms around this boy for my first Tan-Man hug in a very long time. I can't wait to cook him dinner and have him tell me how much he appreciates it (he's my best at that). I can't wait to hear him walking through the house singing High School Musical and Backstreet Boys songs (yes, he loves both of them!). I can't wait to see him make his silly faces, or to hear his jokes. He fills our home with energy and hilarity!  I'm so glad we get him for several weeks before he heads out to school.

I have been running to and from my computer all morning watching the Delta tracker.  His plane is over the Atlantic right now but landing in NYC in about an hour!  Tonight, when he lands in Salt Lake City and gets off the plane cannot come quickly enough for me. I have been sitting here all morning switching between the Delta tracker and all of my photos of him growing up. Here are a few that made me cry:
approx. 8 months

first grade

6 years old

9th grade

9th grade
Junior year
Okay, enough of this. I do need to go mop the floor and vacuum and make some of his favorite cookies. Have a great day, everyone! I have no doubt that I will!


Brenda said...

What an exciting day! I am so happy for you and can't wait to see the "now" pictures of Tannon!!

Caron Barnard said...

Oh Karen, I can just imagine your excitement! Welcome home, young man!
Smiles, Caron

Lynn said...

What a touching post. Loved that layout when I saw it in the inspiration book. Enjoy every minute of the reunion!

Diana said...

Congrats! A friend of the family just returned from his mission a couple days ago, but seeing as how they are in Vegas and I'm in Utah, I haven't seen him yet!

cnelson said...


Trisha Morton said...


Teresa Powell said...

What a fine young man you have raised. Thank you for sharing your joy. Enjoy your reunion!


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