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Thursday, January 8, 2015

It's a BOY!

When I was a young mom having my family, no one thought to do things like parties to reveal the gender of a baby. I LOVE that they do now!  Our daughter, Kori and her hubby, Rick are expecting their 4th baby in June.  They found out the gender on Tuesday and had a party that night for close family to reveal the secret. 

How did they do it?  SO MUCH FUN!  Kori went to the store and bought silly string in the color (pink or blue) that would give us all the answer.  She was going to cover the cans with paper so we couldn't see the color ahead of time but didn't even have to. I guess the brand of silly string she bought could only be told the color by the cap (which makes me think that just anyone could go to the store and switch the caps for a prank...but I digress).  She just hid the caps and had cans of silly string out on the counter.  She had an ultrasound pic of the baby with pink and blue balloons, and pink and blue candy, set up and a bar of horderves for all of us to munch on.

When everyone had arrived they had us all guess what we thought and then gave out the cans of silly string and the spraying commenced!  It was BLUE!  That rounds their family out with 2 girls munchkins and 2 boy munchkins.  Perfect!

We are so excited for our 5th little grandchild.

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Casandra Bennett said...

Awe. I just said a prayer for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy mama and baby. Congrats.


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