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Monday, September 21, 2015

Laugh Card and Two Stamping Techniques

This simple little card makes me happy!  It took just minutes to make too.  Isn't it perfect for just about anything?  Who doesn't want a reminder to laugh?  Some of my favorite times are when someone makes me laugh so hard my cheeks hurt.  Laughter truly is the best medicine!

I used the September Stamp of the Month to create this card, and paired it with one of my favorite stamp sets,  Love Life.  The September Stamp of the Month (Paper Flowers) is only available this month and is yours for only $5 ($12.95 savings) with every $50 you spend (before shipping and tax).  Spend $100, get 2...and so on.  When ordering on my website, you'll be prompted to add your set(s) before you check out. Easy, peasy!

I used two simple techniques on this card that I wanted to tell you about: Stamp Cutting and Simple Masking

1.  Stamp Cutting:  As you may or may not have noticed, in the Love Life stamp set, the words, "Live. Laugh. Love." are one stamp.  I just carefully took my micro-tip scissors and cut each word apart.  That way I can use them separately, or put them on a blog together. I do this a lot with my stamps. Some people gasp when I tell them this, but it in no way ruins your stamps, it just makes them even more versatile!

2.  Simple Masking:  As you can see in the photo of the September Stamp of the Month below, the chicken wire background stamp is square. For this card, I wanted a round background under my flowers, so I took a piece of paper (thin paper, like printer paper) and used a 2 1/2" punch to punch a hole in it. I then laid that over the area that I wanted my round background and stamped the chicken wire stamp through it.  The stamp was smaller than the 2 1/2" circle the stamp is approx. 1 7/8" x 1 7/8" square), so I stamped it several times. It's easy to line up with our clear stamps!


Mary Gunn FUNN said...

I like the round stamped back ground and Live. Laugh. Love. is one of my faves, too. It's a keeper.

Gail said...

Thanks Karen. . . I was wondering how to do the masking. Love the card!


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