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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Show Me The Money!

If you haven't ever asked me, you have probably at least wondered if I really make $ as a Close To My Heart Consultant. The answer is a resounding, "YES!"  I make several thousand dollars a month with the Close To My Heart business I have built.  I feel like being upfront about that helps you know if Close To My Heart is for you.  Keep in mind that I didn't start out making that much. It took time to grow, but I did make just about $500 in my first full month as a Close To My Heart Consultant over 20 years ago.  And that was working only about 10-12 hours per week!

Today I'm sharing a video that can answer some specific questions you may have about how to earn money as a Close To My Heart Consultant.

Before you watch, keep in mind that this month (October) brought with it a GREAT special. If you sign up to be a Close To My Heart Consultant in October, you get this GREAT bag for FREE (that is in addition to the over $435 in products you get in your New Consultant Kit, a kit that you only pay $129 for (which you can see right here)!

To sign up and join my Close To My Heart team, click here.  It's easy, peasy, lemon squeasy!

Now, back to the video (don't worry, it's less than a minute and a half long. Certainly worth your time!).

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