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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Voice, Close To My Heart, and Why I Might Be the Coach For You

Do you watch The Voice? I love this show!  If you watch, then you saw Blake Shelton on Monday night campaigning on a 4 chair turn for why that contestant should choose him. He was funny and goofy (and even passed out Blake Faces to the audience to hold up to convince the contestant to choose him).  I laughed.  But guess what...the contestant did choose to be on Blake's team.

The Voice - Season 9

That got me thinking.  If you are thinking about joining Close To My Heart, why should you choose ME as your upline?  It's kind of the same thing as The Voice. On The Voice, the contestant needs to choose the coach she/he thinks will best help them reach their goal of winning the show. With Close To My Heart, you need to choose an upline that will help you reach your goals and help you be a WINNER by achieving them.  I don't have "Karen Faces" to pass out, nor am I on a hit program where I get millions of viewers, but I do have ten reasons to share with you that might help you decide if I'm the 'coach' for you.

  1. I have been with Close To My Heart for 22 1/2 years and  I love this company.  I am excited to share this company and my love for it with you as we grow your business!
  2. I am committed to helping my team members be successful. I do weekly training emails, have a team Facebook page where we communicate daily and share ideas and artwork, hold quarterly team meetings, have periodic conference calls so my long-distance team members can participate, hold challenges for my team members every other month (where you can earn prizes!), and provide weekly one-on-one mentoring calls for those team members who would like them.
  3. I care about YOUR goals with your business. Whether you want to earn $200 per month with this business, $2000 a month, or just want to earn enough to pay for your papercrafting habit, I respect your goals and am here to help you in whatever way you need. I will never pressure you to do things with CTMH that don't fit your vision of how you want to work this company. I am here to support YOU in your plan with CTMH.
  4. Over the years I have been recognized as a top seller and top team leader. In fact, I have built a million dollar team.  Last year my team was recognized as #2 in team sales. My team is called The Pacemakers (because we keep THE HEART {as in Close To My Heart} pumpin'!). You would be part of this team.
  5. I put my family first! I am committed to the team I have built with Close To My Heart, but my family will always come first.  I totally understand that yours does too.  I love that I am in charge of my own business, and because of that I can take time off to be with family, attend their events, be there to babysit grandkids, and share my life with them. I can schedule my business around my family, and YOU can too!
  6. I provide all classes and workshops that I design for my team members to use for their own customers for FREE if you would like to (this includes photos of the project, cutting guides, shopping lists, etc)!  This helps you work smarter, not harder!
  7. I have earned 12 trips with Close To My Heart and can show you how to do the same!
  8. I have grown my business successfully over social media and can show you how to do it too!
  9. I hold a team meeting/party every year at our Annual National Convention
  10. I will work my hardest to help you in your goals! 
This is a GREAT month to join Close To My Heart. We have an awesome special going on. In addition to the $435 in products you get in your only $129 New Consultant Kit, this month you also get this great cross-body scrapbooking bag!

To join my team, click here.  If you have questions, I'm happy to help!  Call or email me (, 801.360.9896).


Diana Casey said...

You're awesome, Karen!!!! Love, hugs and blessings to you!!!!

Lynn D said...

Great reasons! Glad you are my CTMH upline's upline!!!!


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