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Friday, August 21, 2009

Are you ready for some football?

I am! Last Saturday was our inter-squad scrimmage but tonight is the real thing...the first Varsity game.

My son, Tannon (#10 in burgundy) is our quarterback and we are hoping and praying that he starts out the season well tonight and leads his team to a victory. Go Knights! Let's kick some Bountiful Braves tushie!

Dawson (#12 in white) is our freshman. He plays linebacker and tight end. We have one more week before his first game. Photography note: Yes, I know that you are supposed to have them running into the frame and not out, but sheesh, when they are moving so fast I am lucky to get them IN the frame. Sorry for breaking the photography 'rules.' I am learning. Sports photography is HARD!

Last Saturday was fun watching my boys out on the field preparing for their first games and feeling the excitement of the season. This week, I am feeling more than excitement. I am feeling some serious butterflies fluttering around in my tummy! Why, oh why did Tannon have to be a quarterback?


Alanna said...

I love your enthusiasm for football Karen. We're big into watching football at our house. Don't have anyone in the family to really root for but we're HUGE BYU fans. Anyway, I hope the Knights win. You'll definitely have to let us know.

Now as far as all the artwork you've posted yesterday, all I can say is WOW. Great cards. I especially love the Jingle ones.

Nicole said...

I totally stress out when my kids perform in anything from sports to piano recitals and my oldest is only 8 so it isn't even that competitive. So I kind of understand your anxiety. Good luck tonight and I hope your boys have a great season!

amcgrew said...

Good Luck this season, Karen!
I think your photos are fantastic!
I will look forward to being up to date on the season by visitng your Blog!
Have a great weekend!

Amy said...

Quarterback, WOWZERS good for Tannon. That is very cool, but yes as a mommy it would be nerve racking each game. Love the pics. Okay so I just got your email and need to call you, I'm such a slacker. We are going camping this morning so is Monday WAAAYYYY to late to call? I was excited about my total, very cool!

kimber said...

So cool! I'd be such a nervous quarterback mom!!! Awesome pictures...rules schmules!!!


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