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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thanks, Brandie!

I opened my blog this afternoon to a very sweet and fun award from my friend and one of my team members, Brandie. Thanks, Brandie!

Here are the rules of this award.
*pass this on to 7 bloggers who you feel are honest in their blogging
*list 10 honest things about yourself

The 7 bloggers I am passing this award on to are:
Roxanne (who is an honest blogger with opinions and thoughts I so enjoy reading)
Nona (who shares her triumphs and tragedies and lets me laugh and cry with her)
Brenda (who has an amazing attitude of gratitude, even during the tough times)
Melissa (who does a great job bloggin' about her business and making me laugh at the same time)
Tina (whose Florida adventures always make me wish I'm on the beach)
Kelli (who I miss having here in Utah. She was a customer who became a friend. I love reading about her life in AZ to keep up)
Laurie (who made me laugh this week with her adventures)

10 Honest Things about Me:
1. My birthday is this week and I don't feel like celebrating.
2. I have not weighed myself in over a year and don't plan to.
3. I think my husband is hot with his silver hair and tan.
4. I'd rather eat chocolate than almost anything else in the world.
5. I am not a lover of camping or fishing, but I will hunt now and then.
6. I cut 2 of my toes off in the lawn mower when I was 16 and I still miss them (not a pretty sight).
7. I am not a good loser.
8. I am a football fanatic, especially when a Pedersen (namely Easton, Tannon and Dawson) is playing.
9. I wish I had had about 2-3 more children.
10. The Harry Potter, Fablehaven and Twilight book series are some of my best guilty pleasures.

Have a great day!


Francis Family said...

You should try reading the Inkheart series and Hunger Games. Thanks for sharing! I miss you too!

Haley D. said...

Happy birthday! Since it's your party you can cry (or not celebrate) if you want to! I love Harry Potter and enjoyed the Twilight series so I will have to check out Fablehaven. Thanks for the tip. Have some chocolate w/those books!

Emily said...

Hello Karen!

I am your random blog reader tonight! I just watched a movie tonight, (Labor Pains) and one of the characters in the movie reminded me of Dallas, and then I naturally thought of you! One quick google search and voila! There you were!

You are the scrapbook queen! How great that you get to do something you love, and what a great history you have for your family!

OK, as I was reading . . . you're a GRANDMA??? Seriously? You are WAY too young! (And stylish, and beautiful of course!) But congrats!

I am currently living in New York, but at the end of September, my family will move back to Kansas City (our house and stuff is there, we are just in NY for two months) which is where we will be until June 2010. My husband will start his Psychiatry residency in July, so who knows where we will be then! I have two kids, a girl who is three and boy who just turned one.

Where does time go?

It's nice to connect with you again!

I can be found at

RBS said...

Well Karen,
I took the challenge and hope that I did not disappoint you and that you did not feel the award was wasted on one such as I. I spill my guts so often I had to have Jenny help me with 10 new and honest things about myself.

Laurie said...

Karen, I'm glad you enjoy my eventful life! It's fun to share and laugh together. You're awesome! Thanks for visiting regularly:)

Laurie said...

Hmmm, I see myself in you here. Especially the thing about not being a good loser, the chocolate, and problems with of my big toes was almost lost due to being barefoot and having a horse step on it. Ouch! Double Ouch for you!

Brenda said...

Karen, I am so honored to receive this award from you. Thank you for your extremely kind words - you are a sweetheart. As for the chocolate, oh my! We went to dinner last night and ordered dessert. It was something called "Big Ball, Little Ball." (What a funny name!) It was just that - thick chocolate mousse made into balls with Godiva chocolate. Jerry was in heaven! Me, I couldn't even finish half of my little ball - so rich and creamy. I am quite certain that sometime today, I will wish for the rest of that little ball!

The Rudy Family said...

Thanks for playing along Karen. You can borrow 2-3 of my kids at any time so you just let me know!! LOL We have more in common than I thought! I should have known though!!! Thanks again.

nonapearl said...

Awwww - thanks for the award Karen! I'll try to post on my blog soon.

It's tough doing all the things I used to do. I'm getting used to having two bitties now! :)


Melissa Laverty said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL LADY!!! And you are SOOOO sweet to give me this blog award. Have I told you lately how much your blog comments make my day!? They really do. Thanks.


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