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Monday, August 3, 2009

MORE to share!

I told you I had more to share today, and here I go! Feel free to click on any photo to see it larger and in more detail. I know there are a few that you will want to see every detail on!

I thought I'd start first with a photo of a BEAUTIFUL Studio J layout (see yesterday's post about that). As you can see, it has the same amazing Close To My Heart signature look. You are going to LOVE this new program. I can hardly wait! Feel free to click on the layout to see it larger and in finer detail. Can you believe this is digital? Studio J Scrapbooking is going to be a huge hit!

Next I wanted to share some of the beautiful things that several of my Close To My Heart friends brought me. The first photo is of a few little cards. Thank you to Melissa, Denise, Sue and Jeanette for these beautiful cards and the chocolate treat (the "Time to Create" card is filled with a chocolate treat.

The next photos are of a fun and functional desk calendar made for me by my sweet Mac-lovin' friend, Shari. Don't you love it? It's in a card format. The front, back and insides of the card all have one quarter of the year on them. The card comes with a base that slides in the bottom as a stand to sit it on your desk and use as the world's cutest desk calendar. THANKS, Shari! I think I feel a workshop comin' on!

I also had to share a photo of some of my team and I who attended (you guys rock, Pacemakers!) My team name is The Pacemakers because We Keep THE HEART (as in Close To My Heart) Pumpin'! We had so much fun, learned so much, and came home energized and ready to take our businesses to the next level. Thanks to all 11 Pacemakers who attended (missing from photo is Kris. Sorry, Kris! We couldn't find you when we were taking pics).

Last but not least is a photo of my roomie buds and I (the 4 musketeers) and one of each of them. There is one silly one in there of Jody. She tied a bow from a gift around her head and I snapped a pic. What are you going to do, girl? Fly here and beat me up?


peckfam said...

So, you are right, I can't very easily fly up there and beat you up for posting this picture, but I can remind you that I have a picture of the TOE!! :)

I enjoyed our weekend together SO much! I am grateful for your friendship!!!! :)

Hugs to you,

Reynna said...

Hello, my name is reynna and my mom alanna told me about your blog. Its awsome! :):):)
my blog isnt popular so I hope you can visit.

Laurel said...

Great stuff!

RBS said...

I would love the desk calendar, count me in if you indeed do a workshop!

Rachel H. Wohrlin said...

Such wonderful projects and inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

Melanie said...

KAREN...Thanks for sharing the Studio J layout upclose. I can't WAIT to start playing with it! It is going to be AWESOME!!!

LOVE your Blog!


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