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Sunday, August 30, 2009


All done. Finished. Finito. No more kidney stones. Off I go to sleep for the next 30 days. Well, maybe just one. Thanks for all the get well wishes. You guys are the best.


RBS said...

congratulations my dear friend, I am happy for your successful conclusion.

Alanna said...

Yeah. What a miserable experience and one that I hope I never have to suffer through. Here's hoping that this will be the last for you.

Jamie Harder said...

Ohhh how nasty! So sorry to hear about your kidney stones. That does NOT sound fun...glad it is over now!!!

Lori said...

I have loved your analogies. I can't help but laugh at your posts, but at the same time think ouch. You poor thing. Pass....please....pass. So glad it's over for you and that you were able to keep a sense of humor through it all.

Sarah said...

I am so glad you are done with that! Get some rest!

bren yule said...

ouchie, you poor thing...that was misery! Glad THATS over! Breathe! luv you bunches


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