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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jackpot June Deal for June 20, Fathers and T-Man

I am here to share today's Jackpot June Deal, but before I do I have a couple of other things to say. Bear with me :)

Happy Father's Day and THANK YOU to 4 VERY wonderful men in my life.
  1. My dad, LeRoy for being my hero, for always believing in me, and for supporting and sustaining me in everything I've ever attempted in my life. Thanks for never letting me say, "I can't."
  2. My father-in-law, Keith for his stalwart and strong resolve to righteousness, for raising the man of my dreams, and for sharing your testimony often with my children.
  3. My husband, Dan-the-Man for being my knight in shining armor, for being everything I ever dreamed of, and for being the kind of dad that you are to our children. And, thanks for teaching me the importance of LAUGHTER.
  4. My son-in-law, Rick for being everything we ever hoped for in a husband for our princess, Kori and the kind of daddy I hope ALL of our grandchildren have!
Happy Birthday to my Tan-Man! Where did these 19 years go? As we celebrate your 19th birthday and watch you as you prepare to serve a 2 year mission for your Heavenly Father I am reminded of a promise I made to God one day. It was the worse asthma attack that you ever had. You were a year and a half old. We were in the emergency room at the hospital and you were blue. They couldn't seem to find a vein to get the IV in for the medication they so desperately needed to get into your little body as quickly as possible. I turned around and walked into a little empty room and knelt down at a folding chair and BEGGED God to let us keep you. I promised I would do my best as a mother to help you live your life the best you could and return to him with honor if He would let me keep you. I know I've made a lot of mistakes, Tannon, but I have tried my very best to be that mom to you. I'm so glad that you are still with us. I love you! Happy 19th Birthday.

Now on to today's Jackpot June deal: today is another Jackpot Day! One of the five discounted products available today (all are 12% - 22% off their regular price) will trigger the FREE Jackpot Item which is 3 packages of our WONDERFUL, smooth-as-buttah rubons: Love Letters, Nature's Ambiance, and Love Story. Each has a retail value of $6.95 (for a total Jackpot value of $20.85). If you hit the the Jackpot, you get it FREE!. Order one or two of the items today and hope you get the one that will trigger the Jackpot, or be safe and order one of each, which will guarantee you the free Jackpot Item.

Items available to purchase today for Jackpot June are five totally different but equally wonderful products (Stickstock Linen, Bits and Pieces Card Kit, Hellow Birdie Card Kit, IT's Your Day Card Kit and White Daisy Textured Cardstock)...all only $7 each today (regularly $7.95 - $8.95).

Click here to order today's deal from my website (, then on "Shop Online" and then "Jackpot June".

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Christine Adams said...

So sweet! You are surrounded by love and blessings. But it's obvious they are equally blessed by YOU! :o)


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