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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jackpot June Deal for June 30 and More, More, More!

Did you think I had fallen off the face of the earth? Well, I almost did. Between preparing like a mad woman for teaching at the Close To My Heart Convention in July, getting things off the ground and filling orders for Lisa and my new Must Be Charmed business, having Kori, Rick and Daci move to Chicago this week (which I refuse to talk about), and then having my baby sister announce last Wednesday that she and her boyfriend got engaged and wanted to get married on Monday (as in day before yesterday), things have been CRAZY! Good crazy, but crazy!

Today is the last day of Jackpot June. It's a Goodie Box Day! Get a box filled with popular products at over 50% of retail value. Plus you'll get a deal on shipping/handling. Purchase today's Goodie Box, which has a retail value of $300 for only $125. That's not just a little bit more than 50% off, it's actually about 60% off! To order, head to my website ( and click on "Shop Online" then "Jackpot June."

I know many of you are wondering if you will ever again see some original artwork posted by me. Never fear, after Convention I will have TONS! I have been working away making samples and displays for my class with brand new stuff from CTMH. Of course, it's top secret, but when I get home I will be able to begin showing you some of it. So for all of you artwork die hards, hang on.

I wanted to congratulate my sister, Gaylyne and her new hubby, James. I'm thrilled for both of them. It was a whirlwind week. They announced their engagement last Wednesday and got married Monday. I hope they find eternal happiness together. As we scurried to throw together a reception this week (I was in charge of the cake, floral arrangements, and photography), I was reminded again of how blessed I am to have found true love with Dan-the-Man. As I watched Gaylyne and James make vows and covenants with each other, I was reminded of the promises we made 25 years ago. Isn't love grand?

I am so blessed to have talented friends who helped me meet my wedding assignments this week. Thanks to Jenny for a simply BEAUTIFUL and elegant cake after I called just a couple of short days ahead to ask her to do it. I think she had 2 others to do the same day! Thanks to Chris for the most beautiful rose bridal bouquet I have ever seen! Thanks to my daughter, Kori for all of your help with everything...including the photography!

To my readers: thank you for your patience with me. Please don't give up on me. I hope to have more artwork to post soon, but you will be hearing very little from me until mid-July. I will be heading out for the CTMH National Convention this coming Monday and won't be back for a couple of weeks. I will be taking a laptop with me and will try to post a thing or two while I'm gone, but I can't promise.

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Kim Harper said...

Karen, I am glad to see you will be able to share with us your art work soon. It must be so exciting to prepare for Convention. I hope to one day have the pleasure of meeting you in person (I am aiming to be at next years Convention)!

Have a great time and savor the moment!


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