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Friday, May 6, 2011

Studio J Layout and Happy Birthday, Daysha!

As always, you can click on any image in this post to see it larger and in more detail. You may want to with this layouts as I tell you about some of the techniques I used on it!

How weird was my last post? Don't answer that. I got it ready before I left for a WONDERFUL 2-day meeting with Close To My Heart called "Studio J Boot Camp" (more on that in a minute) and set it to post on Tuesday. When I saw it I thought, "What the heck? I did not create that post to look like that!" Alas, I was too busy at this meeting to even do anything about it. All of the information was in the post but as you saw, it was CRAZY BIG with CRAZY SPACING. Who knows why. I have never had that happen before. Here's to hoping this one doesn't do that! I guess the good news is that I'm home and can fix it if it does. :)

In case you lost your patience going through that Tuesday post, here (in just a few words) is the gist of it: In May you can become a new Consultant with CTMH for less than $65 (half price) and get over $300 worth of product in your kit....INCLUDING A FREE $99 ONE-YEAR STUDIO J MEMBERSHIP and the beautiful May National Scrapbooking Kit (valued at over $35)! I personally think it's more than worth signing up just for that membership and to get your Studio J layouts at a consultant discount. Call or email me if you are interested (801.360.9896,, or click here to get started signing up. I suggest you do 'choose me' kits 2, 3 or 4, and 5 (you get 3 "choose me" kits included in your kit cost).

I spent the past several days with some of my fellow CTMH peeps learning some amazing advanced techniques with Studio J (CTMH's perfect answer to the digital scrapping dilemma) and created a 20 page (10 two-page layouts) of my family in the process. Here is a photo of me and my sweet CTMH buddy, Amy with our delicious "Nothing Bundt Cakes" cakes. I HIGHLY recommend these...DEE-LISH (I have no stock in this company. I just love it! {lol}). My album is beautiful, if I do say so myself, and I am soooooo excited to share some of these techniques with you! {I just saw that Jeanette Lynton (the owner of CTMH) just shared some more about Boot Camp on her blog here.} Anyhoo....for the next week or two I'll be sharing a layout here and there (you'll see today's at the top of my post and also below as I talk about it a little bit) and telling you a little bit about the techniques I used on each one. Ready, Freddy? Here we go.....

Oh, wait! I almost forgot in all the hustle and bustle of this week to post a Happy Birthday to my wonderful new daughter-in-law, Daysha. She's a Cinqo de Mayo baby and I'm proud to say that my son spoiled his new bride rotten yesterday. We celebrated her birthday here last weekend since they live 3 hours away and we couldn't actually be with her on her birthday, but I did want to pay a special tribute to Daysha here on my blog. Happy Birthday, Daysha! I love you!

Okay, Freddy. Now I'm ready to tell you more about the Studio J layout below.

I specifically designed this layout to be the opening and closing pages of my album. The first page ("Uniquely You") talks about how I feel about my life and family, which is what my album is all about. The second page was designed to be the closing page of the album, that's why it says, "This is not the end, it is only the beginning.". Is this layout making more sense now? I hope so. I 'm proud to say that I won the Boot Camp Journaling Award on this layout. My prize was a brand new album! Cool beans!

If you click on the layout, you should be able to read the journaling, but if you can't, this is what it says, "I wouldn't trade places with anyone! I love my life and am blessed beyond belief. My most treasured gifts are my family and my membership in Jesus Christ's church. When I was a little girl I dreamed of what my adult life and my husband and children would be life. They are better than anything I ever could have imagined. Thank you, Heavenly Father. I don't know what I ever did to deserve such a rich life, but I'll take it!"

A few of the techniques I applied to this layout are:
*resizing MyStickease (the sticker accents)
*journaling on MyStickease tags
*moving MyStickease in front of and behind other accents
*changing patterned paper to tone-on-tone patterns instead
*changing the intensity of color on papers
*distressing the edges of papers with inks digitally

I would love to set up a FREE 30 minute one-on-one session with you in which I teach you a little bit about Studio J and you create TWO 2-page layouts. REALLY! 30 minutes, baby! Call or email me to set up a time (801.360.9896, If you are in Utah in the Salt Lake, Utah or Davis County areas, I'll come to you or you can come to my home. If not, we can do it over the phone.


Jamie Harder said...

Whoo Hooo congrats on winning the journaling award!! You ROCK!! LOVE the beginning and ending pages of your album!!

Doreen said...

Fantastic post, amazing layout and AWESOME journaling - no wonder you won! :) Congrats all around!
~doreen at

Laurel said...

Yay, congrats to you! What a beautiful layout!

Cheryl Nelson said...

What a GORGEOUS lo!! CONGRATS!! I hope Daysha had a wonderful bday!!

Nicole Norris said...

Congrats on your well deserved win! Beautiful layout and great journaling from the heart. Love Love Love your work.

Trisha Morton said...

Love this layout! Magnifique is still one of my favorite kits. What a great way to cap your album.


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