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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine Treat: A Bouquet of Strawberry Creme Suckers

My cutie pie son, Dawson asked me last week what he should do for his 'friend' for Valentine's Day. They  have been dating a little while, but not too long and he wanted to do something simple and not too over-the-top. I suggested making Valentine suckers and putting them in a little pot.  He liked the idea of making something himself, so that's what we did.

Heart Shaped Strawberry Creme Suckers in a Pot

Supplies Needed:
  • ceramic flower pot
  • some kind of stuff to put inside to hold the sucker sticks in place (we used the green stuff that makes such a mess when you cut it apart, but is nice because you can cut it to any size you want)
  • sucker/cookie-on-a-stick pan (the one I have is made by Wilton and I bought it several years ago. Maybe you can find it on their website)
  • non-stick cooking spray
  • Creme Saver candy (10 pieces per sucker).  I like these best although you could use almost any hard candy. The swirls in these candies make such fun suckers though.
  • long sucker sticks
  • candy bags (to cover suckers)
  • ribbon (to tie on candy bag)
We got the pot at Hobby Lobby (which was 50% off, so only $3. Score!). We got the candy at (we couldn't find Creme Savers anywhere in the stores in our town, so we ordered).

1.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2.  Spray cookie/sucker pan with non-stick cooking spray
3.  Unwrap and arrange 10 candies in each heart shaped sucker spot on the pan
4.  Bake for approximately 11 minutes (until all candies are melted)
5.  Remove from oven and immediately add sticks. You want your stick to go pretty high up into the sucker for stability. Place your stick and then gently roll until it is covered in candy.  Do this to all suckers on the pan.
6.  Place pan in fridge for about 5-8 minutes
7.  Remove from fridge and carefully lift out of pan
8.  With a dry paper towel, wipe of any remaining cooking spray from sucker
9.  Put sucker in candy bag and tie with a ribbon
10.  Arrange in pot if desired

Have fun making suckers! These are great for Valentine's Day, birthdays, to tell someone you love them, to take to a friend in the hospital, and so much more. I used to make them all the time but haven't in a few years.  I'm glad Dawson helped me remember this fun project and that he and I could spend some time making them together.


Erica said...

How cute is this?! I love those suckers, and the pot is too cute. What a lucky girl! :)

Sheila H said...

What a sweet idea!

Brenda said...

Oh, he is so sweet! I love that he brought her a homemade gift - that's a perfect gift from the heart!

Nicole Norris said...

What a cute fun idea. I will be pinning this.

Laurel said...

Oh my such a cute gift and sweet of your son to want to do something like that! I bet she loved it!

cnelson said...

This is so CUTE!!!

Jamie Harder said...

OH that is the SWEETEST!!! It must have wowed his girl!!!

papertrails leaver said...

what an adorable idea! The suckers look yummy!


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