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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy Birthday, Tannon!

Happy birthday to this ball of energy. When he was a little guy (from newborn to 4 years old), he had some serious asthma issues and was a pretty low-key, quiet baby.  He has sure made up for it ever since. He is anything but low-key and quiet now. He is a born leader, a ball of energy, a man of determination and confidence.  Tannon, on this your 24th birthday, I thought I'd list 24 reasons I love you!

1.  You make me laugh.
2.  You don't get bothered. You let almost everything roll off your back.
3.  You find the good in almost everyone.
4.  You never assume bad intentions. You always assume the best.
5.  You are faithful...always attend church, pray and read your scriptures.
6.  You have never made excuses.
7.  You give your best to all that you do.
8.  No matter what anyone says to tear you down, you always believe in yourself.
9.  You have big goals and aren't afraid to share them.
10.  You know how to have fun.
11.  You are a hard worker and gain satisfaction in a job well done.
12.  You demand excellence of yourself.
13.  You are happy almost all the time.
14.  You can laugh at almost everything.
15.  You are athletic and use this gift.
16.  When you find something you love, you are consumed by it.
17.  You always thank me for making dinner. You did this even as a little boy.
18.  You love to decorate and cook.
19.  You are clean and organized.
20.  You are GQ.
21.  You have a tender spot in your heart for those with Down's Syndrome or other disabilities (remember Danny?).
22.  You are generous with what you have.
23.  You are a leader.
24.  You forgive easily.

Happy birthday, T-Man! I love you!

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