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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

I have been blessed with so many wonderful men in my life!  Today, Father's Day, I'd like to pay tribute to three of them.

1. My own daddy:  LeRoy Overstreet, I love you! You have taught me so much.  The biggest thing I learned from you is to never say, "can't."  As a young girl, I remember thinking it was so dumb that every time I said, "can't," you would correct me.  Now, I am so very grateful.  You taught me whenever you believe in  yourself and are willing to put in the blood, sweat and tears, you can accomplish just about anything. Thanks for the countless hours in the back yard teaching me to pitch a softball, at the church gym helping me with layups, going on jogs with me (I'll never forget a run we took once when I was in 9th grade and while running you told me why I had the most amazing mother in the world) and always letting me tag along with you anywhere you went (to watch you coach or ref a ballgame, or just to run to the grocery store).  Thank you for being a strong example of living the gospel. I love you! I couldn't have had a better Dad!

2.  My hubby: Dan-the-Man, you are the love of my life.  I love so many things about you that I could sit and list them forever.  But, I think because it's Father's Day, I'll focus on that.  From the moment you held Kori in your arms and I watched tears slide down your cheeks, I knew you were meant to be a daddy. You have always put our family first. You have coached our boys, sat through thousands of Nutcracker performances to support your daughter, laughed with and disciplined our children, and have set an example of being a worthy priesthood holder.  You taught our children to serve missions, the importance of temple marriage, and that having a tender heart make a man more of a man, and that having a sense of humor can get you through just about anything.  Watching you with our children made me love you even more.  Now, add to that watching you with our grandchildren. I love watching the tender way you hold a newborn, the sparkle in your eye when you tease a toddler, and listening as you let the grandkids choose which animal they want for their hunting bedtime stories.  Thank you for being a hard-working, heroic husband, a fantastic father, and a gallant grandfather.

3.  My father-in-law:  You are a man of faith, knowledge and dedication.  Thank you for the way you raised  the man I chose to spend eternity with. You have loved me unconditionally and welcomed me into your family from day one.  You are the "baby whisperer." I'll never forget the three months we stayed with you guys when Kori was a newborn. I was a first-time mother and it stressed me out so much when she would cry and I couldn't make her stop.  At these times, you would gently take her from me, sit down in your chair, rock her and have her quiet and asleep in seconds.  Your grandkids and great grandkids  love you!  They love spending time with you in your garden, and the pumpkins you grow for them. They love going on tractor rides.  You have taught me so much about the gospel and I look so forward to our monthly study sessions.

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