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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Love of my Life!

Happy Birthday, Dan my Man! I love you so much. You rock my world! I love growing old with you. I love watching you with our little Daci. I love what a great father you have been to all 4 of our children. I love your faith and strength in the gospel. I love your sense of humor. I love how you love me. You never complain about my faults and always find the good in me. I am so lucky to have you!


Mare said...

Karen, thanks for posting lately on the CTMH artwork board. Your work is wonderful and so few of the directors spend much time on any of the bulletin board that is it very refreshing and encouraging to see you sharing your talent and encouraging fellowship of CTMH with the many, many women who frequent the bulletin boards for their support with CTMH.

I love your art!!!! You have inspired me to try Jeanette's Monday color combos and to look at all our product uses with fresh eyes. Though I have never met you, I have watched you from a distance the last twelve years with admiration and appreciation for your artistic style.

I do have a request. I'm on a hunt for artwork using the Good Times stamp set that was the special for hte 25 anniversary of CTMH. Did you use that set for anything that you happened to take pictures for sharing? My younger granddaughter wants to use the set for her older teen sister and I'm so swamped with year end in the classroom, I'm brain dead for ideas with this set.

Thanks for any help you can offer and thanks, again for your beautiful inspiration!

Karen said...


Email me with your email and I'd be more than happy to share some of the projects I made with Good Times with you. I think I have photos in my files. THANK YOU for your kind words and support!


Amy said... guys are so precious! Hope you did something fun last night! Good to see you!


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