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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tell Me You're Not Smiling!

I know you are! You have to be. Who could look at this picture of my sweet giggling Daci and not smile? Only someone without a heart. tee hee.


Tammy said...

Oh my word, she's adorable!

Sharli said...

You're magic - of course I'm smiling! What a precious baby!!!!!

kimber said...

Now THAT is a beautiful baby!!!!!!

peggyleebaker said...

No words good enough to say, this picture is to cute, and made my day. thanks

Brenda said...

This picture of Daci is adorable! I wonder, Grandma, what layout you have cooking in your head for this one? I can't wait to see!

bren yule said...

Nothing like it, right girlfriend?
I see she like the soothie! Keep me in the grammy loop!

Maggie said...

awww she is so beautiful great pic to scrap.
I luv your blog.
Thank you for stopping at

Kate said...

She is a doll! She's always smiling like her grandma!


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