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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy Pioneer Day!

Here in Utah, July 24th is a big deal. Nope, not because it's my nephew, Carter's birthday...but because in 1847, July 24th was the day that Brigham Young led the Mormon pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley and famously said, "This is the place."

I can only imagine what all of those pioneers who had been walking for months must have thought, "What? Really? Here? In the middle of the desert? With hardly a tree in sight?"  But, their faith in their leader led them to action and it is absolutely astounding to me to look around me and see what has been built in this beautiful valley in the 166 years since that day.

Happy Pioneer Day, everyone!

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Casandra Bennett said...

I have never lived anywhere else than in Michigan, so I can only imagine your pride in the history and heritage of your state. One of my childhood friends moved out west to Utah and loves it there. She leads such an amazing life as a teacher, mother and wife, and she loves the heritage of Utah, just as you do. I hope some day to be able to visit there, but also many other beautiful states. We are so lucky to live in a land where we are free, and raise our children without fear and prejudice. Have a blessed day. And Happy Pioneer Day to you. :)


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