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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Basketball and Grandparenthood

I have been so busy watching all of the March Madness games that I have not taken time to post. How does anyone get anything done during the NCAA Tournament? I do not know. I don't want to miss a thing! The good news is that I think I am tied for 1st place in the Pedersen Bracket Pool. I plan to win! I cannot mention any schools from Utah right now because I have sworn not to even think their names again until football season. All 3 Utah teams got beaten. Sad. Fortunately, Kori brought Daci over on Friday and Dan and I took turns holding her all afternoon while we watched the games (see photo). Isn't she sweet sleeping on Dan's chest? Grandparenthood is definitely THE BEST. When I am holding her it doesn't even matter who wins the games. I think I better borrow her for several days this week in case the teams I picked decide to let me down!


lvs2dance said...

oh I love that picture!!! That picture says it all!

bren yule said...

I'm all tearied eyed...look at your precious new baby girl! I'm SO excited for you and hope Kori is doing well. I can't wait til Jada Rose Summerville gets here near mothers day! Then I too get to join the grandmoma club! (My name will be Mimi!) Luv yu girlfriend!


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