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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Boys and The Banquet

As you know, the Lone Peak basketball season ended with a loss in the state championship game. So sad! But, it sure didn't keep the guys from having an awesome time at their year ending banquet. Here is a picture of Tannon (on the right. Otherwise known as T-man, Tan Man, T-Ped) and one of his best buds, Christian (on the left. Otherwise known as Griffindor or Creach) and one of the team. In both photos, everyone is acting very mature, as usual (In the group photo, Tannon is the one trying to look GQ in front of the guy in the red shirt). Thanks for a great season, guys. Several other moms and I spent the day decorating. I'm so sad that many of the decorations were already down when I thought to take pictures. We hung each of the players' jerseys from the ceiling (you can see one that was still up in the background of this picture). The tables were in black and burgundy and the centerpieces were a shoe from each boy (don't worry, we put dryer sheets in them so no one got sick from the smell), then filled them with gold foofy stuff, a basketball that every boy signed, a SKOR bar, some gold stars, and a sparkley number (each of their numbers), then tied helium balloons to the back of the shoe). It turned out great! The food was awesome as well. It was hard to realize we were saying goodbye to our 6 seniors. What a great group of young men. It's been a pleasure to watch you on and off the court this year, boys!


lvs2dance said...

loved the first pic!!! So stinkin funny!!!

Brandon and Jessica said...

Going to miss this group! It looked awesome that night! Great Job!


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