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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hey there, Cupcake!

How stinkin' cute is this? I KNOW! SOOOOO cute! Thanks to my dear friend, Tracey M. (she's pretty darn stinkin' cute herself as you can see in the photo) for this 'delicious treat', a paper crafted cupcake. This was the package I was waiting for on Thursday when I thought that it was Friday (see Friday's post). Now you see why the anticipation. When it was really Friday, the package arrived and did not fail to impress! This gift is actually for my daughter, Kori and her hubby, Rick and their new baby, Daci. Thanks to Tracey (which incidentally rhymes with Daci) for being such a creative and thoughtful friend. I think I must make one of these for myself! What kind of gift card should I attach for me? I think Dear Lizzie should do it! Most supplies are Close To My Heart...another reason this is to die for. Thanks, Trace!


dancing is just me said...

oh those are some fine cupcakes there!lol!
well bye:)
love sienna meek

lvs2dance said...

I see that my child has stumbled onto your blog, LOL. That is such a cute 'cupcake', I would love to see it in person though. What a cute idea!!!

Korinne said...

Thanks Tracey! This cupcake is absolutely amazing and even more beautiful in person. It looks so cute in Daci's room :) You are so thoughtful, thanks a bunch!


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