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Monday, March 9, 2009

March Madness Concludes

Total bummer! Lone Peak lost in the State 5A High School Basketball Championship game on Saturday night to West Jordan High School. We gave it a valiant fight, but unfortunately just didn't come out on top this time. We were really hoping for a 3-peat (we have won the state championship the last 2 years), but it was not meant to be. Our hats go off to a very good West Jordan team. The expression you see on Tyler Haws' face in this photo about sums it up. Lone Peak fought as hard as they could.


Carter Clan said...

Hi Karen,
Looks like you are going to have to update your family picture!!! Congrats on your new granddaughter that is so exciting! I am sorry that Tannon didn't win the championship but we at West Jordan are so excited that our team played so well Saturday night!!! It was a great game, very fun to watch!

Karen said...


West Jordan played an awesome game and deserved the win that day. I'm glad to know that someone I know went home with a win and felt awesome! lol.



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