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Friday, March 13, 2009

Two Fridays

Ohhhh...TODAY is Friday! I went all day yesterday thinking it was Friday. A friend in Ohio (Hi, Tracey!) sent me a package 2 day priority mail on Wednesday. I thought it should arrive yesterday, since in my mind yesterday was Friday. I spent all day looking forward to receiving it, but when my mail lady came with no packages I was very sad. DUHHH! 2 Day Priority would be on FRIDAY, the REAL Friday, which is TODAY! So, I guess the good news is that I get 2 Fridays this week. Enjoy the photo of my 19 day old (not 20 day old) granddaughter, Daci! She makes me smile no matter what day it is! And, here's to hoping my package comes TODAY!


Amy said...

Seriously she is such a doll, and a teeny tiny one at that!

lvs2dance said...

oh my goodness....she is such a lil peanut!!! She is just so tiny. Did you end up getting to watch her this weekend?

Francis Family said...

Oh Karen, she is so adorable!! Congratulations on your first grand-baby!


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