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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Today, several ladies in my neighborhood, my hubby (Dan the Man) and I went to the temple (Mt. Timpanogos LDS Temple). Many of you know that Dan was laid off from his job in November and still has not been able to find anything to replace it. So he is my 24/7 buddy and I invited him to join 'the girls' and I at the temple. It was wonderful. I love spending time there, feeling close to my Father in Heaven, and feeling the peace and joy that the Spirit fills me with. As I sat in the temple I reflected on the many blessings we do have. In fact, other than no job (which, I must admit is kind of big), I think Dan and I would say that life is pretty much perfect right now. I have decided not to worry as much about the unemployment and spend my time thinking of all of my blessings instead. It is much more fun!

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Amy said...

Karen, I sure can learn a lot from you! I LOVED your post about holding Daci, it's so true, we need to change our perspective now, before 25 years goes by and we think where did it go. I'm happy that you have such a postive outlook, good job, you are very inspiring.


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