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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

National Dawson Day

Today, April 14 is officially National Dawson Day. It was 15 years ago today that he graced this world with his presence and I must say that the world has not been the same since. He brought with him a sunny disposition, a fun sense of humor, the innate ability to talk backward, a fiery temper (which doesn't come often, but when it does...look out!), and a perpetually stuffy nose. He is his mommy's baby and always will be, no matter how big or old he gets. He is still willing to snuggle with Mom, wrestle with Dad, play ball with his brothers even though they still beat him every time (just wait for a few years, Daws. That will all change!), is not afraid to admit he loves his cat, loves to hold his new niece, and is an all around great kid. He works hard in school and really cares about his grades (YAY!), well...all except for one class (Boo!).

The illustrious Dawson would not be happy if he saw the photo I posted but I just love it. This was on Christmas and he tied one of the ribbons from a gift around his head. I think he looks like a Ninja turtle!

Because it is National Dawson Day, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish him a very happy 15th birthday. Feel free to join me. I love you, Bud! Have a GREAT day!


Rick and Kori said...

Holy cow Daws! I can't believe you are 15 years old! I still be able to call you my baby brother. Happy Birthday!

amcgrew said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Dawson! I remember meeting you as a young boy on one of the cruises! You have grown up to be a fine looking young man.
Hope your day was filled with all your favorite things, big guy!

Amy McGrew

Mikalene said...

happy birthday dawson! everyone is growing up way to fast! thanks for the comment! we wish you guys could have been there too! of course it was raining though! don't know what it is about the family getting together in St. George and it has to rain!! I love the pictures of all your scapbook stuff its so cute!! We are thinking of Tannon! and keeping him in our prayers!! hope it gets better fast! lots of loves!


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