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Monday, April 6, 2009

Give Him a Hand! No, REALLY!

Last week as Tannon was working out doing box jumps (plyometrics) he clipped his toe on the edge of a box and lost his balance and fell. He put his right hand (he is right handed) out to catch himself and broke his hand. Not just a little break. Nooooooo! Tannon doesn't do anything half way. He broke it in 5 places on the middle metacarpal (down in his hand below his middle finger). I have attached a photo of the x-ray after surgery. They ended up having to put in 5 screws and then wrap it with wire to hold it together. Modern medicine is truly miraculous. We were so grateful to have a surgeon who specializes in hands. Tannon is right handed and a quarterback and has several football camps where he will be throwing at colleges coming up in the next few months. So, EVERYONE pray this heals fast. A football scholarship would be a huge blessing right now.

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lvs2dance said...

I have no idea what Poly-whatever is so I will have to ask you on Thursday when I see you. All I can say is OUCH!!!! The picture is kinda funny though, it looks like he is flipping you off. LOL


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