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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How is a Girl to Choose?

Are you kidding me? Did you watch Idol tonight? It was SICK! I mean "sick" in the way my boys use in "so good it is beyond belief." Holy Cow! Holy Moly! How is a girl supposed to choose the best when EVERYONE sings like they did tonight? Kris started the night off by being Kris...original, understated and awesome. Allison then followed that up by singing, in my humble opinion, the best she has all year. Matt knocked my socks off. His voice was perfect for "Funny Valentine" and he showed us some 'sick' vocals (there's that silly word again). Danny was the Danny I fell in love with at the beginning of the season, not the one that seemed to fade the past month. In fact, I think he was the best I've ever seen him too. Adam was, well...ADAM! Indescribable. In a league of his own! I might have to download every single song done tonight on iTunes.

Adam is still my favorite but tonight everyone was so good that I just couldn't believe it. I have to keep going back to the fact that Adam has never had a bad night. I know some of you may disagree about the night he sang the Middle Eastern, almost spooky sounding "Ring of Fire". Although I wasn't the biggest fan of the arrangement myself, I still thought he kicked tooshie with his vocals. Can you argue with that?

I wish no one had to go home tomorrow. Based on tonight's vocals, they all deserve to stay. If I have to pick who I think the bottom two will be, I will have to choose Allison and Matt, with Matt going home. But, it almost kills me to say that. What did you think?

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Brenda said...

Karen, your description was "spot on!" I wish none of them had to go either. But I have to agree with you that Adam has been flawless with his vocals and has never had a bad week. It was pretty nail biting that he was in the bottom two last night!
Can't wait for next week. Adam will definitely rock with Slash!


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