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Friday, April 17, 2009


Daci has discovered her tongue. It is the cutest thing ever. She was at our home on Tuesday with her mommy and daddy for Dawson's birthday dinner. About every 5 seconds she has decided that she must stick that tongue out. It is so much fun watching babies discover things for the first time.

Speaking of Dawson was unwrapping his presents he discovered a pair of shoes given to him by his big brother, Tannon. First you must know that all 3 of my boys (Easton, Tannon and Dawson) have shoe fetishes. They think they need a pair to match every outfit. No, that fetish is not reserved for women only. The look on D's face tells you exactly how he felt about his shoe discovery.

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Rick and Kori said...

This was such a fun night! I'm so glad Dawson enjoyed his birthday. It is so fun to watch Daci stick her tongue out, what a cute granddaughter you have!


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