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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ode to the Internet

What a sad morning it was without you. I woke up and you were gone. Totally gone. I called our local phone company only to find out that you might even be gone 24 to 48 hours. My heart was crushed. What would I do without you? I needed you today to prepare for a meeting on Saturday, to check some statistics for my business, to print off a list I needed from a certain website, and to listen to some music I planned to download today. It wasn't just me either. Mac was very sad too. Because, without you, I just don't love Mac as much and tend not to spend nearly as much time with him. I do love him, but the two of you together are perfect. You must have heard my silent pleas for you to come back (and maybe my not so silent ones to the lady at the phone company) because here you are, right back where you belong, with me, after only 7 very long hours. Oh, how I love you! How did I ever live without you? Please don't ever leave again!

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naomi megan. said...

oh thank you thank you for the sweet words you left on my blog! so sweet of you... and i love that you blog too!

it has been such a pleasure reconnecting with kori this past year... and i can't believe how happy she is and how beautiful her little baby is!!! so exciting!!!

have a wonderful week!



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